Aamir Khan to Secret Superstar Zaira Wasim no cheating in film

//Aamir Khan to Secret Superstar Zaira Wasim no cheating in film

Aamir Khan to Secret Superstar Zaira Wasim no cheating in film

Secret Superstar Zaira Wasim surely a Secret Superstar for Aamir Khan as in her first movie Zaira Wasim played the role of a female wrestler in Aamir Khan movie ‘Dangal’ and in just her second movie she is portraying the character of a singer, but in this movie Aamir Khan won’t allow Secret Superstar Zaira Wasim to do any cheating.

Secret Superstar Zaira WasimIt was the fact that if an actor appeared in a film as a singer then it is very much difficult for him or her to follow completely the beats of music, but in that movie Aamir Khan made it clear that his Secret Superstar Zaira Wasim won’t do that in the movie as Aamir Khan cleared that in the movie there will be no cheating for any person with respect to music or anything else and everything should see perfect and not be like acting.

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Aamir Khan said,”We were clear from beginning that we won’t cheat in the film. Insia, the character of Zaira is a singer and had to play the character correctly. I am so impressed with her performance. As an actor, whenever we play a musical instrument, we often try to play it accurately. She (Zaira) has gone a step further and has spent a lot of time with Meghna Mishra (singer) because she wanted to understand how to sing. They used to also rehearse together.”

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The 16 years old Secret Superstar Zaira Wasim also talked about her difficulties to play the role as she said,”I had to make sure it did not look like I was acting. There are times you might miss a beat or two. Ensuring that I don’t miss it was difficult. I was scared when I first learnt how to wrestle. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off — it would not have been possible without my coach Kripa sir (Kripa Shankar Bishnoi).” Secret Supstar will release on 19 October 2017 and Secret Superstar cast include, Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij, Aamir Khan and Raj Arjun.Aamir Khan Zaira Wasim new latest look

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